How to make money for your 6 months old blog?

“Every professional was once an amateur.”

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web. Blogging has become a new trend in recent days and can be taken up as a source of income also. Most of the people are becoming bloggers in their field of interest.
But a question that arises is “Why to waste time in writing blogs?”
Firstly, Blogs can be a good way to get a better job because employers prefer to hire people with a positive online influence and blogging is the single best way to achieve that.
Secondly, the more you blog, the more you write – and the better writer you become. Blogging can also be a source of income and as well as you can mention them in your Resume/CV. 

But there is a problem that exist, many bloggers quit in the first 6 months of their blogging journey due to their inability to earn certain amount of money from their blogs. The reasons for their failures could be like they don’t make enough traffic, comments or shares on their blogs. If no one is listening to you, it really demotivates you to continue, this is true in blogging.

Here are some of the do’s that one should follow in order to make money from their 6 months old blog:

  • “You must spend money to make money”. Invest in blogging to gain fruitful results later on.
  • “Do your homework”. You must be well aware of the relevant skills in blogging, must have the ability to write that sells.
  • To earn, give a try to use blog services like WordPress, freelancing, Hubspot ,etc. Make sure to have a entry tag so that you can make some money out of it.
  • “Affiliate Marketing”.  Make a good use of this marketing technique and promote some of the products of a company/organization by using Facebook ads as well as Google AdSense.
  • Earn from the sponsors. Provide services through your blog.
  • Implement techniques like AMP & Facebook Instant Article for rich user experience.

Final Thoughts:

Truly, initial a half year to 1 year of blogging is extremely the hardest yet you ought to know about one basic thing that it requires investment and consistency to manufacture a money making blog.

Simply don’t search for alternate ways and get carried away if you don’t see results in terms of traffic and sales in the beginning, then you’ll be fine.

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