Postpeers – Live conversations for each article on your website.

“It takes both sides to build a bridge”

About Us:

PostPeers is the conversations hub that brings the right context, people, information, and tools together to get people have healthy conversations. Our services help you to find peers for every post you follow. One can join live conversations with people following same articles, blogs, news, videos. Integrate Postpeers on your website and let your audience participate in conversations, questions, polls and everything they love. Our comment plug-in makes it easy for publishers to bring their content to life, fuel colorful discussions, efficiently moderate comments, and build engaged communities.

Postpeers allow you to:

  • Engage your audience.
  • Retain your readers.
  • Understand your success.
  • Review Engagements.


  • Postpeers allow ‘Live Article Chat’ among the users who visit the site or a blog.
  • Postpeers extracts and refine the contents from the blog and use it to answer general queries of users. This increases a blog’s content views.
  • Postpeers enable more AI based page redirections every time people interact on different articles.
  • Postpeers allow different companies/organizations to promote their product through affiliate marketing. Promotional Ads can be setup.


  • Postpeers is providing its services to everyone for ‘FREE’.
  • Postpeers provides a common channel connecting similar blogs which pushes comments even if your blog gets older and lower in Google index rank.
  • If one gets bored of his own blog and don’t want to add something new in it then also due to crowdsourcing comments on your blog something new is being talked about overtime which maintains its visibility.
  • Postpeers helps in your blog revisits, as people keep visiting to continue chats.
  • Pre-build tool creates dedicated chat for each article, blog and any feature you may wish to have an interesting chat.
  • With more interactions, as users check more chats on other articles, they also get to explore more pages, ensuring higher engagement.
  • Postpeers helps to reduce the bounce rate by 20%, you just need to integrate our services.

Get your conversations going with our advanced features like Live Article chats, Affiliate Marketing, Conversational hub, emojis and peer hosting. Postpeers allows everyone to integrate our services for ‘FREE’ and build a Live chat for each post on their websites or blogs.

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