BotSite – A Smart Step Towards Enhancing Your Reader Interaction

Botsite represents a new trend in how people access information, make decisions and communicate.

Most of us tend to lose traffic because we miss interaction opportunities for not being online. This is a crucial aspect of being a blogger and having people to subscribe our blog; our readers want interaction, knowing more about who we are, why we write what we write. The thing is that we cannot be online 24/7 and, most of the times, we don´t have the extra budget to pay someone to do it for us. The answer to this problem is called BotSite. Read on and find out all the benefits of this great new software.

Website Traffic Improvement Platform

What we want as bloggers is not (just) people coming to our sites; we want people to return, subscribe, comment and interact. If your interaction rate increases, you can increase website subscribers, which is always our goal. Utilizing a website traffic improvement platform is great to take your organic traffic to the next level. Although it is not the only thing you need to do (platforms don´t do miracles, content still needs to be great), it can be the answer to take your blog to the next level in terms of traffic.

BotSite is the Answer to your Problems

BotSite is a software designed to work as a Live Article Chatbot and interact with your readers without you having to do any further action. With this technology, you can integrate free chat in website/blog and make it very easy for all your readers to interact. This technology helps grow revisits because when visitors start a chat session with a particular article, they are keen to return to it.

  • Increase your internal redirections – If you activate the BotSite in different articles within your blog, you can increase the user stay time. It is a great and easy way to interlink all articles and have people jump from one topic to the next, interacting in all of them.

  • Improve Google page ranking – We all know how much Google loves pages that foster interaction and the more you can get, the higher of a result you´ll be in any search. This can literally change your blog traffic from scarce to amazing in very little time.

  • Say goodbye to a high bounce rate – If you are looking for alternative ways on how to reduce bounce rate, then BotSite can be the destination of your search. First, because you can make people engage more with every single post of your website, second because you can enhance internal interlink and finally because they will come back to continue with discussions or join different ones.

  • Integrate comments in website – Comments are a very common way of interaction and, perhaps, the oldest one since the invention of the blogging world. Integrating all interactions into your website might mean to boost visitors´ engagement because they can see all the information reunited in one single spot. With BotSite´s free comment system, that is possible and very easy for readers.

These are only some of the benefits that you can get from installing BotSite and using it in your blog. Since it is a brand-new tool, it is growing and improving; the company behind it takes the challenge of improving the good things very seriously.

There is Life Outside Disqus

Disqus is a blog comment hosting service that has been on top of the game in the market for several years. It was founded in 2007 and recently bought by Zeta Global. Although it enjoyed golden years, nowadays, the alternatives to Disqus are plenty and have grown on the flaws that it presented.

The Speed Issue

Disqus was reported to be killing the speed on some blogs and acting as a repellent for visitors who would wait a long time for pages to load and eventually leave without interacting although they were interested.

The Visit Division

Another problem many people reported with Disqus is that they charge the website´s fees depending on the number of visits. If you have anywhere above 50,000 visits to millions, you will have to pay them $99 a month, which is a little too much only for handling comments.

The Additional Files

Disqus might add up to 57 external files on a single blog post, which a staggering amount that steals all the speed your page could have. If you are a photographer with HD pics, you can forget about speed if Disqus is installed.


Adding a fast and effective software like BotSite with your blog can be the most effective move to bring it to the next plateau, you can even bring traffic from social networks/Insta/FB and keep them in your website commenting and interacting. Remember these three simple steps and grow your audience like never before.

Step 1 – Sign up to the platform and register your blog.

Step 2 – Embed a single line of script in your blog.

Step 3 – Start conversations with your users.

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